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Performing live at El Cid in LA

Writer. Director.

Kyle’s career in film and TV began after a battle with cancer showed him life’s too short to NOT spend it doing what he loves. He’s since worked tirelessly, making high-impact, high-concept films, using music, comedy, and technology to bend genres and push boundaries. His most recent short film, Somewhere In Between, premiered at the 2023 Tribeca Festival and his most recent documentary, How I Faked My Life With AI, screened at the 2023 CogX Festival and even made international news. 

Aside from his own films, Kyle has worked as writer, director, and creator, making content from IMDB’s comedy series UnMade, to videos for the Jonas Brothers, to editing a feature documentary he also co-produced. His unique cinematic amassed millions of views online, and his comedy work has been featured on Vulture, HuffPo, CollegeHumor, and more.


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