How I Faked My Life Using AI

DIRECTOR | Provocative comedy doc and social stunt

“A descent into madness.” – Moneycontrol

A short comedy doc/social commentary following in which I use brand-new generative AI tech to fake all of my social media posts for a month. I fool friends and family online with a sudden new life, but lose myself in the process. Made international news.

Featured on:

Seattle International Film Festival | London CogX Festival | Netherlands InScience Festival | More

Reddit – Front Page | #1 on r/videos | #1 on r/mealtimevideos | #1 on r/stablediffusion

Youtube – 100,000 organic views in 1 week

My Modern Met – Man Fakes His Entire Life for a Month Using Convincing AI-Generated Photos

Peta Pixel – Man Fakes an Entire Month of His Life Using AI Generated Photos

International Features:

Tecmundo (Brazil) – Man uses AI images to create fake life on the internet (translated)

BFM TV (France) – On Instagram, He Invented a Life for a Month and Deceived Everyone Thanks to AI (translated)

Moneycontrol (India) – How a man faked a whole month of his life using AI: ‘descent into madness’