I Just Directed A Lyric Video For Nick Jonas!

Around a month ago I got a call asking if I’d be interesting in doing a lyric video for Nick Jonas’ upcoming single. I immediately got to work and made something fun, different, and visually interesting. The day I finished it, another unnamed artist released a lyric video with the SAME EXACT IDEA.

So I did ANOTHER lyric video, this one loosely Outrun-themed with the lyrics being shown as neon signs reflecting off the car windows. Check it out!


Nick Jonas - "Right Now" Directed by Kyle Vorbach Nick Jonas - "Right Now" Directed by Kyle Vorbach Nick Jonas - "Right Now" Directed by Kyle Vorbach

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Watch the Trailer for “UnMade,” the IMDB Original Series I Wrote On!

Did you know that IMDB is starting to create its own original content? I didn’t, but after we released our newest Future Boyfriends short, one thing led to another and I found myself writing on one of their brand-new original series called UnMade!


SYNOPSIS: UnMade will follow comedians as they share the inspirations, plots and stories behind their projects and scripts that never saw the light of day. In each five-to-eight-minute episode, a celebrity guest will reveal a pitch or screenplay for an early passion project they were never able to get off the ground. These ambitious, often misguided and always hilarious ideas are then given a second chance, brought to life via a team of actors and a professional production crew. 


Writing on this has been so much fun– I got to write for episodes featuring Nick Cannon, Rainn Wilson, Tig Notaro, Paul Rust, Jay Chandrasekhar, Reggie Watts, Bobby Moynihan, Kristen Schaal and even Weird Al (someone I grew up listening to). Look forward to episodes in the near future!

You can read Deadline’s article on UnMade and IMDB’s other new series here.


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Joel Adams - Fake Friends (Official Music Video)

Joel Adams – “Fake Friends” (Directed by Yours Truly)

My friends at Black Coffee brought me on to direct this official music video for the talented Joel Adams! This is the first proper music video I’ve directed and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it came out. And, despite significant time constraints, shooting this was a hectic blast. I’ve attached some screens below! Check out the video unless you’re a fake friend.


Joel_Adams_Fake_Friends_Kyle_Vorbach4 Joel_Adams_Fake_Friends_Kyle_Vorbach2 Joel_Adams_Fake_Friends_Kyle_Vorbach1 Joel_Adams_Fake_Friends_Kyle_Vorbach3


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The New Future Boyfriends Short Explains What Happens When “When You Leave The Room”

They say write what you know— and what we know is the gnawing anxiety that everyone we know secretly hates us. That’s the basis of the newest Future Boyfriends short anyway, and we cast everyone we know in it so the secret hate feels real (and also they were free that day).

Because the last few shorts we did have been so action or VFX-heavy, we wanted to do one that primarily focused on dialogue. I’m super stoked on how it came out. Glad to see that I’m not just comedy version of Michael Bay. Michael Bae. Is that something? I secretly hate me too.

“When You Leave The Room” has been featured on:




For more intellectual content, follow Future Boyfriends!

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Magic Music Movie at the Napa Film Festival!

The feature length music documentary I edited / co-produced over the past year and a half just premiered at the Napa Film Festival! It’s called 40 Years In the Making: The Magic Music Movie, and I’m super proud of it.


LOGLINE: Television writer/producer LEE ARONSOHN (“The Big Bang Theory,” “Two and a Half Men”) tracks down the scattered members of one of Boulder, Colorado’s most influential and elusive bands in the hope that, 40 years after they broke up, he can get them to play ONE LAST SHOW.

Accolades include:

  • Best Music Documentary – Boulder International Film Festival 2018
  • Official Selection – Woodstock Film Festival 2017
  • Official Selection – Napa Valley Film Festival 2017


You can see a clip of the film below!

Shockya's 40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie Exclusive Clip


Coolest part: after the screening, the band played a full concert for the audience.

Magic Music Movie Performance at Napa Film Festival