Hi everyone! This is Kyle’s parents. We hope you like his cool web page!

OUR SON KYLE is an LA-based comedy writer and very handsome boy. Things he’s written have been featured on VultureHuffington Post, KotakuBlackBoxTV, and more. We could always tell he was funny, even when he was young. He used to put on little shows for the family. Kyle also directs music videos and comedy for his company, LONEGENIUS. He’s a regular Steven Spielberg!

Kyle is part of the comedy duo Future Boyfriends, where he performs standup and writes original sketches and articles that aren’t really for us. We appreciate it, but it’s just not our type of humor. Kind of weird and dark. He used to be so optimistic. What happened to our little boy?

Please check out some of his little videos he made below. He worked so hard on them. I just wish he would take some time to call us every once in a while. Can you tell him to call us? We’re worried.

– Mr. & Mrs. Vorbach

🌴Cool Things I Made🌴



Writer (IMDB Original Series)

Future Boyfriends

Future Boyfriends

Creator / Writer (Comedy Website)

John and Kyle Do Everything

John and Kyle Do Everything

Creator / Writer (Comedy Pilot)

High Science

High Science

Creator / Writer (Comedy Web Series)

Proof I’m Good At Things




Srs Things

  • WAKE (BlackBoxTV) (Horror Short Film) (2015)


Other Things—

  • New Rockstars (Entertainment Youtube Channel) (2016) – Writer/Host
  • Grrl Scouts (New Form Digital) (Comedy Short) (2015) – Creative Consultant

When You Leave The Room
Featured on Vulture.


An Honest GoFundMe
Featured on Break, Bustle, LaughingSquid, and more.



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